The living room at Frank’s Place is warm and intimate. Windows and porch doors face out toward the bay. Inside there’s cable tv (Frank watched a lot of 49ers games here!), a stereo, and lots of books and family games. Just off the living room is the formal dining area, with the kitchen and breakfast nook just around the corner.  The entire space features wood floors with some large area rugs, and very high sloping ceilings with wood beams and clerestory windows to let in the light. The fireplace is nice in winter, and we have plenty of firewood on hand. Speaking of heat, there are radiative baseboard heaters in every room. Just off the living room, two steps up lead to a short hallway connecting to the master bedroom and office.

Living Room 650

High Ceilings 650

LivingRoom3 650

Entry 650

The formal dining area is just off the living room.

Living Room2 650

Dining Room 650

Continue your tour of Frank’s Place. The kitchen is just around corner. Or go down and have a look at the hot tub first!